Latest News and Press Releases

The Alabama Board of Physical Therapy wishes to make ALL licensees aware of recent changes to the Physical Therapy Practice Act, Administrative Rules, and other information deemed important for dissemination to the licensees and the public. ALL licensees are expected to be aware of and compliant with, all the Statutory and Administrative Code language governing the legal practice of Physical Therapy in Alabama.

Spring/Summer 2020 Newsletter
Jul 12, 2020  -  Read the Spring/Summer 2020 Alabama Board of Physical Therapy newsletter. Updates on annual renewals, COVID-19 effect on Practitioners, member updates, and more.
June 16 Board Meeting
Jun 9, 2020  -  Alabama Board of Physical Therapy Board meeting to be held via WebEx format.
May 2020 ABPT Board Meeting
May 1, 2020  -  Webex Board Meeting
Frequently Asked Questions--COVID-19 & Telehealth for PT in Alabama
Apr 14, 2020  -  The Alabama Board of Physical Therapy addresses some frequently asked questions in regard to the COVID-19 outbreak in regards to Telehealth and practice restrictions.